Trophies Basics Clash of clans


Trophies are indicated at the top left of your screen in Clash of clans game. You gain trophies by successfully attacking or defending. If you successfully destroy 50% of the defenders base, you will gain points towards your Trophy count. You gain Trophies based on the amount of Stars you win during the battle. If you gain 1 star, you received 1/3 of the amount of Trophies indicated when attacking. Each star is worth 1/3 of the total amount of Trophies possible during your attack.

When you attack you’ll notice in the top left corner the amount of Trophies possible if you win the battle. This top left corner also indicates how many Trophies you will lose should you fail to win the attack.
Trophies Clash of clans

Should you lose a battle during an attack or defense, you’ll lose Trophies based on the same ratios. If you destroy an enemy’s base by 100%, you will gain 3 stars and get the total amount of Trophies possible during the attack.

  • Experience is gained by finishing buildings. The more expensive the building, the more experience you will gain by completing it. 
  • You also get experience from removing obstacles on the map like Rocks, Trees, and Flowers. 
  • Small amounts of experience is gained by destroying enemy halls.

  • When attacking in multiplayer, you get matched based on your Trophy count. 
  • Since a person can deliberately increase or decrease their Trophy count by winning or losing battles, this system can be manipulated.