Town hall level 9 base clash of clans

At Town Hall Level 9 you will get:

  • your 2nd Hero: Queen Archer
  • 2 X-Bows
  • your 4th Gold/Elixir Storage
  • your 6th Archer Tower
  • your 4th Wizard Tower
  • your 4th Hidden Tesla Tower
  • your 4th Air Defense
  • your second Air Sweeper
  • your 4th Giant Bomb
  • 2 Seeking Air Mines
  • 25 Walls

Town hall level 9
At level 9, your Town Hall will get two Wall upgrades. You’re able to build up to 250 Level 9 and 10 walls. Level 9’s Wall Segments (4,000 hit points) will need 1,821,200 Gold to upgrade. Level 10 Wall Segments (5,500 hit points) will need 4,821,200 Gold to upgrade.
Example: Level 9 Town Hall Base Design

This is a level 9 base design for farmers with a Trophy level under 200. In 30 days this design only has had one person do a 50% damage attack. It separates Resources into 4 (outlined) sections. It keeps Dark Elixir storage in the center to protect it from raids.

Example 2: Level 9 Town Hall Base Design
The main thing you don’t want to lose is your Gold, so keep that as deep inside your base as possible. Generally, this is the center of your base.

  1. By leaving your Town Hall outside of your base, you’re hoping to get the 12 hour shield. This will prevent incoming attacks and give you time to build / accumulate more resources.
  2. Keep your crossbows in the center since they have the longest range.
  3. This base design is setup to group up the attackers for your Mortars.
  4. Adding the spikes around the base walls will attract the Wall Breakers, minimizing their ability to get deep into your base.
  5. Keeping your base symmetrical will reduce any obvious entry points into your base.

Don't forget to max everything before going to Town Hall level 10.