Town hall level 7 base clash of clans

At Town Hall Level 7 you will get:

  • access to Dark Elixir! This includes one Dark Elixir Storage and one Dark Elixir Drill
  • your 1st Hero: Barbarian King
  • one Dark Barracks
  • your final Army Camp
  • one Barracks
  • two Cannons
  • one Archer Tower
  • one Air Defense
  • two Hidden Tesla Towers
  • one Mortar
  • two Bombs
  • one Air Defense Tower
  • a Giant Bomb
  • a Seeking Air Mine
  • 50 Walls

Town hall level 7
At Level 7 Town Hall you’re able to build up to 175 Level 7 walls (2,500 hit points). To max level each Wall Segment you will need 321,200 Gold.

Level 7 Town Hall Base Design

  • A pretty simple symetrical design with most defenses in the center.
  • This design assumes the attacker will try to break through the three walls on either side of the base.
  • Placing your Spring Traps on each side will help deal with incoming Giants most likely coming in.
  • Wizard Towers to each side that will slash damage the incoming Hordes of Barbarians and Giants.
  • This base design can handle up to 1500 Trophies.

Don't forget to max everything before going to Town Hall level 8.