Town hall level 5 base clash of clans

At Town Hall Level 5 you will get:

  • your 3rd Army Camp (you will get access to your 4th Army Camp at level 7)
  • your 3rd Archer Tower
  • your first Wizard Tower (yeahhhh!)
  • two additional Bombs
  • two Air Bombs
  • 25 walls

Town hall level 5

At Level 5 Town Hall clash of clans you’re able to build up to 100 Level 5 walls (1,400 hit points). To max level each Wall Segment you will need 46,200 Gold.
Town hall level 5 base

Level 5 Town Hall Base Design
Town hall level 5 base clash of clans

  • Place your Mortar and Wizard tower in the middle of your base
  • Protect your splash damage towers by keeping them in the center.
  • Keep your resource buildings outside of your base but in range of your splash towers.

Don't forget to max everything before going to Town Hall level 6.