Town hall level 4 base clash of clans

At Town Hall Level 4, you will get:

  • your 2nd Archer Tower
  • your 1st Air Defense
  • two Spring Traps
  • one Gold/Elixir extractor
  • one Barracks

Town hall level 4
You’re able to build up to 75 Level 4 walls (900 hit points). To max every Wall Segment you will need 16,200 Gold for each.

Town hall level 4 base

Level 4 Town Hall Base Design
Town hall level 4 clash of clans
A basic strategy is to section off your two archer towers, keeping your storage buildings in the middle. Make sure that the storages are in both towers’ range. Enemies will go for your storage units in the center, while your archer towers are protected and killing the enemy. If they decide to go for your towers first, they will have to deal with an extra layer of walls.

Don't forget to build the Air Defense tower. Although you would not face lots of air attacks, it's good to build all the available buildings and defense structures.

Upgrade as fast as possible to Level 5 Town Hall so you get your first Wizard Tower which deals splash damage but don't forget to max everything before going to Town Hall level 5.