Town hall level 3 base clash of clans

The biggest change you get with Town Hall level 3 is you get your first Mortar in clash of clans! Keep this in the center of your base and protect it as best as you can. Doing this eliminates groups of enemies since it does Splash Damage. You also gain the use of 2 bombs you can place within the walls of your base that explode when the enemy walks near them.

A Level 3 Town Hall allows you to build up to 50 Level 3 walls (700 Hit points). To max level each Wall segment you will need 6,200 Gold.
Level 3 Town Hall Base Design

  • Place the Mortar in the middle of your base and make sure there are walls protecting it.
  • Protect your towers with 100% walls.
  • Put random buildings outside the walls, close to the defenses for diversion.
  • Your next goal should be to get a higher Town Hall as fast as possible.