Town hall level 10 base clash of clans

At Town Hall Level 10 you will get:

  • 2 Inferno Towers
  • your 3rd X-Bow
  • your 3rd Dark Elixir Drill
  • your 7th Archer Tower
  • your 6th Cannon
  • your 5th Giant Bomb
  • your 3rd Skeleton Trap
  • your 5th Seeking Air Mine
  • your 7th Gold/Elixir Collectors
  • 25 Walls

The Town Hall 10 increases its hit points by 900. Your Laboratory max level increases to 8, which is a big help.

Town hall level 10
At Level 10 Town Hall you’re able to build up to 275 Level 11 walls (7,000 hit points). To max level each Wall Segment you will need 8,746,200 Gold.
New Building Unlocked - Inferno Tower
You get access to the Inferno Tower which can be upgraded to Level 3.

  • Level 1 will cost you 5 million gold.
  • Level 2 will cost you 6.5 million gold.
  • Level 3 will cost you 8 million gold, so make sure you have all your Gold Storage maxed!

This video shows you the new Town Hall 10 design, as well as all the upgrades with the latest Inferno Tower.