Starting a war clash of clans


Starting a War

  • Only Leaders and Co-Leaders can start a war.
  • By clicking the "Start War" button
  • The matchmaking system will Automatically find match
  • The war starts when a Match is found.
  • Note: You cannot challenge a specific clan.

Starting a war clash of clans
Who can Participate in the War
  • You must be a member of the clan before the wars starts.
  • If you join the clan after the wars has started, you will be a spectator till the war is over.
  • Leaving the clan during a war doesn't affect the current war. Your base will still be apart of the war.
  • Note: You don't lose resources, trophies or gain a shield during a Clan War.
Clan War Requirements: A clan must have a minimum of 10 members to start a War.