Position the air sweepers clash of clans

Hello everyone, it is Arsenik, I am pleased to see you here, on a medium other than Youtube, I will post articles weekly, with certain exclusive subjects and others which will be retranscriptions of my videos, I hope that you will be there every week and that you will also enjoy this new format!
Today we will talk strategy, we will tackle the subject of the best placing of 2 air sweepers in your base, a subject at the heart of the current events with the update of July 2015, this article therefore mainly address the level of town halls 9 and 10 since the second air sweeper is only available from town hall level 9, but also to all those who wish to take note of all air sweepers placement tips!
I really want this article gives you all the trumps to make of your village a real puzzle against air attacks, that the aggressor does not dare to attack you any more by the air thanks to your ingenious placements!
Let us begin by approaching 3 utilities of the Air sweeper

Position the air sweepers
1. If the Air sweeper was not on this layout, the 4 sides of the base would have an equal defensive power. But the fact that the air sweeper covers a particular territory in this case the east, the opposing attacker will see that building a kind of barrier that will clearly influence his raid, therefore the Air sweeper has a significant dissuasiverole and the arrival of the second will completely change our attack strategies. This is sort of a mind game used to control the deployment of the enemy rather than letting it control. You will be able to anticipate the strategy of the enemy and thus proceed to a rearrangement of the traps and I can assure you that this is a huge advantage over Clash of Clans to have a step ahead of his opponent!

air sweepers
2.The Air sweeper also has a role of protection of the other buildings, it is going to prevent the enemy troops from killing structures of our base. As can be seen in the screen, the air sweeper can be used as protector of the Queen by pushing away the enemy air troops in this particular case lava pups, which is going to allow the Queen to take them out quickly. If the Air sweeper is close enough to the building that is to be protected, it will continue to make uncertain the enemy raid, and we know that the Queen can be very annoying for many air compositions if she is not quickly neutralized!

air sweepers clash of clans
3. The last use of the Air sweeper, it is going to serve to scatter the enemy troops, but we cannot avoid the inevitable, if the enemy is determined to attack on the side of the Air sweeper, we cannot prevent its destruction in particular with the arrival of the Haste spell, we want just to desynchronize his troops to make again and again uncertain the progress of his raid.

Strategies of use of the Air sweeper:
You should know that the coverage area of the Air sweeper is 120 ° (range of 15 tiles) but is really effective only on 1/3 of this zone, it can not lock target, this therefore leaves 2/3 unprotected area. So we have to really think intelligently to use the radius of the Air sweeper at its maximum efficiency, you have to control the remaining 2/3 of the radius for the success of the defense!
On this first image we can see an example of a bad arrangement of the defensive structures, if the attacker deploys a lava hound in front of the Air defense, then the Air sweeper action area will be the green zone, however if the opponent is a little more experienced and drops a lava hound directly on one of the Wizard tower, it will have to cross one of the red zones to reach the Air sweeper and therefore the working range will no longer be the middle one, which becomes very problematic for the continuation of the defense and the management of balloons!
On this second image, we also deal with a bad arrangement of the defensive structures, you should never protect two Air defenses at the same time with a single Air sweeper, the aggressor would have just only to draw the attention of the Air sweeper with a lava hound on the Air defense of the green zone and to concentrate all his attack with another lava hound and balloons in the red zone, making so clearly obsolete the defense of this base!
On this arrangement, we can see that we ensure the protection of 1/3 of radius (green zone) and we block the progress of the enemy in the remaining 2/3 (yellow zone), simply because even if a lava hound is sent by the right side, the Wizard towers are placed so that their radius of action does not allow them to remain focused on the lava hound, they can thus attack directly balloons deployed in the second half of attack.
Here is a good example of layout, the Air sweeper placed in the center of the base, behind a defensive structure with area damage (Wizard tower), with a X-bow in air-ground mode and ahead we find an Air defense to lure a lava hound. All these illustrations allowed me to show you the utility and the strategies of placement of the Air sweepers, all is not necessarily to be taken literally, but I hope you will think differently about the placement these structures which prove essential in the success of our air defenses.

Examples of the village where the integrations are done in a judicious manner:
Level 9 Town hall "Farm" mode

Level 9 Town hall "Trophies rush" mode

Level 10 Town hall "Farm" mode

Level 10 Town hall "Trophies rush" mode
I hope that this first article pleased you.
See you soon and take care!