Optimize clan war matchmaking clash of clans

Hello everyone, it is Arsenik, in this new section we will talk about the Clan War Matchmaking in Clash of Clans, ie how is paired a clan to another during the search and which means to have a potential action in our favor on research algorithm to have perfect equity, and especially to avoid falling unevenly against much stronger clans that us!
For this we first will see how the strength of a clan is calculated, how research is conducted and finally how to build a clan war team for balanced games!

Optimize clan war matchmaking

You should know that each player of each clan has fictitiously two ratings according to various parameters (including those mentioned above):
  • A defensive rating: including its levels of defensive buildings, walls, heroes, clan castle, traps ...
  • An offensive rating: including its troop levels, military camps abilities, spells levels, heroes and castle clans
These two figures are going to be added to allow during the launch of the war to find the perfect match with another clan, what seems a very good system to allow an excellent equity, but it does not work quite as well as Supercell create an algorithm softened, ie we don't need to wait for hours before finding a strictly similar clan, and fortunately because it is not clearly feasible to find his 100% twin clan but on the other hand, with this algorithm we have strong chances to fall against clans which thus have not same level as us!
Optimize clan war matchmaking clash of clans
A somewhat crude demonstration now with the image above, just to explain the importance of the levels of Town halls of your clan : a clan consisting of 50 TH8 (clan2) may find a match with a clan consisting of 10 people from 5 different levels of TH (clan1) and there will inevitably have repercussions on the rest of the war. Everything is a question of average, thus it has be the most linear possible.
clan war matchmaking
Here, if we give an abstract mark from the strength of a player according to the state of progress of his Town hall that could give this above.
Thanks to this notation, we are going to be able to do a simple calculation of the strength of a clan, let us take the example of a clan of 10 members with these characteristics:
clan war matchmaking clash of clans
So the result is an average of 5.1, the picture you see above explains in a very simple way the matchmaking algorithm when starting a war, on the left side (TIME) is the time research passing as we have not found a twin clan, and bottom (STRENGTH CLAN) is the scale of the relative strength of a clan.
It is necessary to know that every clan is situated in a red bar, they are ranges where all the clans are dispatched according to their strength, and as can be seen, more time goes by and more the red ranges widen, what means boorishly that if Supercell does not find you an opposite clan in your range of departure, the search will be made in a more important range. After 35 minutes of iterations (repetitions of searches) we can find ourselves in a very vast range of force, we may then encounter clans much stronger or more weaker than our.
We can therefore infer that the longer your search time is the probability of starting an unjust war is higher too causing a concern for equity, so it is necessary to make relaunchings every 5 to 10 minutes.

How to build a clan war for balanced games?
  • It is imperative to remain within a normal range of strength, ie well confine recruitment, for example only and Town Hall 9 and Town Hall 10 and not Town Hall 10 with Town Hall 6 and 7, the clan would become too complex to match.
  • Avoid too premature villages, ie players who have changed their Town hall too quickly, they will be disadvantaged during wars and wil complicate the average of your clan.
  • Conduct a cleaning in your current clan, by, why not, opening a school clan to separate too large differences of levels of your members, always with the aim of having the most homogeneous as possible clan.

Additional things to know:
  • To lower the number of trophies of your clan will not affect the level of your opponent at war.
  • The clan level has absolutely no impact on the matching, a clan level 6 may be associated with a clan level 2 if the members composing them are of equal strength.
  • To choose a specific time slot to start a war can be a big advantage, indeed as a European a too late search can lead to a matchmakiing with Asian clans which are known to be war machines.
  • To add some low level players in order to lower the strength of your clan may ultimately be a thorn in the foot, in fact your offer to your opponents very easy 100%, it is necessary to always keep in mind to favor a homogeneity of your clan.

I hope you enjoyed this new episode, I'll see you soon for a future section.
See you soon and take care!