Multiplayer attack in clash of clans


Attacking in multiplayer clash of clans serves two purposes: one is to gain resources, and the second is to increase your Trophy count. When attacking an enemy for resources, Gold is generally more valuable than Elixir because Gold can be spent immediately without build times on Walls and can be used for Defenses. Elixir is spent on Offensive structures which have longer upgrade times.

Raiding enemies is the fastest way to gain resources. The only limitations are the amount of time you invest in attacking and how well you utilize strategy to extract the resources from well protected bases.

When you first launch a multiplayer attack, you have the option to choose which base you want to strike. Skipping through targets costs gold.

Is This Base Worth Attacking? Tips for Choosing a Base
  • Determine what resource you’re going for. Most bases won’t have lots of gold and elixir at the same time. 
  • Find the right amount of resources. Usually 1/6 of what you need is considered a good base to attack. Gold is easy to spend on your walls, and is in short supply compared to Elixir so whenever you see a base with lots of it, don’t hesitate. 
  • Generally, when you’re farming resources, you would want them to be in the collectors, outside the walls. The reason for this is that most farming strategies aren’t good for breaking bases.
  • Bases with whole numbers like 25,000 or 52,500 or 100,750 tend to indicate this base belongs to a user who hasn’t logged in for a while. Their resources will likely be in Collectors and Mines.
  • Bases with odd numbers like 23,433, 51,111, or 99,788, will indicate the user been online recently and has collected its resources from the mines and collectors. You should target the Storage.
  • Determine how easy it is to get to those resources based on the army you’ve built. Your job is to get the resource you came for and at least 1 star so you wouldn’t lose any trophies.
Scouting Tips
When attacking a base look to see how full their Storage buildings are (regarding their level), this will tell you where to focus your troops to gather their loot the fastest.
Gold Storage Levels – Empty, Half Full, Full
Elixir Storage Levels - Empty, Half Full, Full
With a keen eye you can also determine how full their Mines and Collectors are with resources.

Gold Mines

Elixir Collectors

The quicker you can identify where their resources are, the more efficient you will be at gaining the resources required to further your own base.

Attack Strategy – Level 3

Goblin Attack Strategy – Level 5

Here’s a quick Goblin attack strategy I used recently. Notice the amount of resources available and the weak base defense.

  • Notice the available resources.
  • Look at the wall strength. It is very weak and easily accessible based on my Troop configuration.
  • My plan is to launch my Giants first to draw the enemy fire.
  • Next I launch my Wall Breakers to open up the walls for the Giants to attack the Defenses.
  • I launch a few more Wall Breakers to open up the walls to the Resources in the center of the map.
  • Ultimately I Three star this base gaining 100% of the Resources and Trophies.

Step 1:

Step 2: Entry was made, Goblin rush the Resources

Step 3: Go for 100% destruction.