Hybrid strategy clash of clans

Hello everyone, it is Arsenik, I am pleased to see you here for a new article which will be exclusively focused on a hybrid strategy GOWILABA (Golems / Wizards / Lava Hounds / Balloons) for TH9 and TH10. To recall a hybrid composition is the combination of two different attack strategies in Clash of Clans (aerial and terrestrial more commonly).
I hope this tutorial will help you understand, step by step, this technique increasingly popularized on Clash of Clans. It is one of the few that allows to achieve 3 stars during a clan wars attack after a little practice.
Do not hesitate to communicate on this article with your Clan so that all your members can already test this composition, it is the key to many Clan Wars victories!

Hybrid strategy clash of clans
Here's how your troops will be distributed in military camps. I considered that for a TH9 player you had 220 units + 30 units in your Clan Castle and for TH10 player you had 250 units + 35 units in your Clan Castle.
TH9 distribution of spells:
  • 1 jump spell
  • 1 poison spell
  • 3 rage spells

TH10 distribution of spells:
  • 1 jump spell
  • 1 poison spell
  • 3 rage spells
  • 1 freeze spell

I shall bring precision on the utility of each of these spells a little later in the article.
Hybrid strategy
Here on above image the objectives of the attack. Now let me give you some details; the first part called GOWI will involve Golems and Wizards, the second part named LABA will involve Lava Hounds and Balloons.
Let's move on to a concrete example :
On this TH9 base, the hybrid technique is the perfect strategy to follow, because in the zone surrounded in blue, our first part of attack will lead to the elimination of two Air defenses, the Archer Queen and the Air sweeper which are all the criteria mentioned above.

To do this you will need:

  • to deploy two Golems (one from your Clan castle) in two different places in the south of the base to get the attention of the defenses
  • then to place your wizards safely behind the golems to clean annoying structures around (this step is very important to prevent your heros moving around instead of going where you want them to go)
  • to drop your jump spell between the first two layers of walls, it will allow your golems as well as your heroes to penetrate into the base
  • to manage your opponent's Clan castle troops with the help of the Poison spell

As you can see on the above image, the different initial objectives are met, let's now move on to second part of the attack:
We must now take care of the north of the base, you have 3 Lava hounds and 16 Balloons in your hand, the purpose is to make the Lava Hounds tank, thus they will be targeted by a maximum of defenses before deploying the Balloons.
For this drop two Lava hounds on the right side for instance, wait for them to meet the Air-defense and then deploy 2 or 3 Balloons on each Air-defense. It is a very important not to deploy all your Balloons in a line, the attack has to be made in a surgical way. Quickly support with your Rage spells, try to place them so that Balloons take advantage of it a maximum!
Wait for everything to be properly cleaned then drop your last Lava hound on the remaining left Air defense and start over with your last Balloons and Rage spell on defenses. Enjoy this magnificent 3 stars!
Now, be careful, you must know that the hybrid attacks cannot be made on every types of bases, the objectives quoted previously have to be practicable to succeed in such an attack. If all the criteria are not there, I disadvise you to try this type of attack!
The same principle applies for TH10, however you will need more training, because Inferno towers are harder to manage to protect the Balloons (you must use 1 or 2 Freeze spells) and the arrival of the second Air sweeper in the update of July, 2015 is also going to slow down more their progress during your attacks (It will be necessary to anticipate airflow)!
I hope you enjoyed this new episode, I'll see you soon for a future article.
See you soon and take care!