How to play hay day for beginners


How to play hay day
Your Farm
The opening sequence features a suburban house, with a letter on the door step containing news from your uncle. The premise of the games is that you inherit a farm from your uncle who is retiring. Initially this run down farm has only a house, a barn, and a silo. The ground at the beginning is completely untenable. There are obstructive rocks, dead trees and bushes preventing you from ploughing the land.

There are two types of currency in Hay Day; coins which you can easily in the course of normal gameplay and diamonds which are much more difficult to come by. Diamonds are much more valuable than coins but both can be used to purchase items in the game. Players can purchase additional coins and diamonds with real money in the game.

Mr Wicker The Scarecrow
Mr Wicker the Scarecrow is your guide through the tutorial. He is basically there to ensure that you pass through the first 3 levels and get to grips with the basic controls of the game with relative ease.

Naming Your Farm
A character is in your farm in the tutorial, when you click on him you will be asked to enter in your farm name. This will be how your friends and followers identify your farm. You are able to change it later by accessing the settings menu (the cog in the top left hand corner of the screen) the selecting “Change Farm Name”. Painting your Farm To paint the building in your farm simply select them, this will bring up the options menu, which at this early stage of the game will only contain a paint brush with one choice of colour. You can then drag the paintbrush across the building to paint.

Moving Objects
You can alter, move or change and object by selecting it and holding. This brings up the options menu, and then you can simply select the function you require.

Growing crops and collecting produce from animals is the best way to earn coins. As you go through the level, more production options become available to you. Different crops and produce take different lengths of time, and give out different yields.

Harvesting crops is simple, you tap a square of crops that are ready to harvest and drag your finger across the area to immediately harvest your crops.

Seeding involves double tapping the desired square that you want to sow, this brings up the menu from which you can select what type of seed you want to sow. Then you have to drag the crop symbol onto the square, then drag across the whole area to be sown. This will immediately sow seeds into the whole area.

XP points
With every activity you complete you receive a select amount of XP points, these XP points accumulate in the XP/level bar. Once you accumulate enough experience or XP points to fill the bar you move forward to the next level.

Progressing through the levels allows you to unlock new features in the game. These new features may include tool upgrades, land, barn or silo expansions, crops, animals or bonuses.