How to get free diamond for Hay Day


While coins are the most commonly-used currency in Hay Day, diamonds are another very valuable currency that you want to keep a stash of. You can buy diamonds with real-world money, but why would you want to do that when there are easy and fun ways to earn and win free diamonds in Hay Day? Let’s look at some of the best ways to get free diamonds.

get free diamond for Hay Day
There is a website that you can access from your iPhone or iPad, called, where you can earn iTunes gift cards. These can in turn be used to get free diamonds on Hay Day. Here is the procedure to follow:
  • Simply access Safari on your device, and search for and input this Secret Invitation Code: j1418900. 
  • When you get to the site, click in the top right corner where it says “login or register.” On the window that opens, click the “register” button, right beneath the email and password fields. 
  • Enter an email address and create a password for your account. Make sure that it is a valid email address that you will check from time to time, as prizes like the iTunes gift cards are emailed to you at the address you furnish. Don’t worry about spam emails: the only emails you will get from AppNana will be emails about redeeming prizes.
  • Nanas are the points or rewards that you earn from using this site. Creating an account will get you 10,000 right of the bat. 
  • You can get 400 more Nanas for adding the page to your device’s home screen. The text bubble shown will be pointing to another text bubble, which you should click on. Click, “add to home screen.” You can give the link whatever title you want, or simply call it “AppNana.”
  • There are a variety of rewards available on this site. You can earn Amazon gift cards in amounts ranging from $1.00 to $50.00, iTunes gift cards from $10.00 to $50.00, and PayPal cash from $5.00 to $100.00. Be aware that the iTunes gift cards only work in the US iTunes store. If you do not have an US iTunes account, you may want to redeem your prizes in the form of PayPal cash.
  • Next you want to download a program called AppNana Sync onto your device. This will install a program on your phone that allows AppNana to check if you are downloading and playing the apps. Don’t worry, it’s completely safe to download.
  • Once you have installed Sync, open it up and log in using the email and password you used to set up the AppNana account. Now you have synched with AppNana and are ready to start trying apps!
  • Log back in to AppNana and you will get 500 Nanas for synching your devices. Now, all the apps featured on AppNana will be unlocked and available for you to download and try.
  • Click on any app that looks interesting, and click “go.” You will be taken to the iTunes store where you can install the app, and after it’s downloaded, open it up and try it. Play around with the app for at least 30 seconds because you might not get credit for trying it if you don’t leave it open at least that long. 
  • When you are finished exploring a few apps, go back to AppNana and you will find that your points have been awarded to you. If you find that you haven’t gotten credit for trying an app, simply contact customer support at AppNana and they will rectify the situation. 
  • You can earn even more Nanas after you have reached the 15,000 mark. You can, at this point, put in a so-called invitation code. For every five friends that you invite to AppNana that use your invitation code, you can input another invitation code to earn another 2,500 Nanas. 
  • You can now redeem your Nanas for iTunes gift cards, which you can in turn use to get diamonds on Hay Day.
There are many ways to gather a few diamonds at a time, and these efforts will be worth it in the long run.
  • Every time you level up, you will earn a diamond or two. It may not sound like much, but it will add up over time.
  • Following Hay Day on Facebook will result in gaining 1 diamond.
  • Logging into Facebook using Hay Day earns you 5 diamonds.
  • You will get 2 free diamonds when you find a movie ticket and watch a 30 second trailer for another game. 
  • Occasionally mystery boxes will contain 1 to 5 diamonds. 
  • You earn 1 diamond for completing an achievement.
  • Enter any of Supercell’s contests on Facebook and you could win diamonds. 
free diamond for Hay Day
You can add hunting for and collecting diamonds to your other regular activities on Hay Day and have a lot of fun doing it!