Farming at 1150 Trophies Clash of clans


When at Town Hall Level 8, farming Trophies from the 1150-1250 level is like taking candy from a baby. 1150-1250 Trophies appears to be a really sweet spot to find other Farmers. Farming the other farmers is a quick way to loot 1,000,000 of each resource within an hour of gameplay. A typical “Farming the Farmer” build is 100+ Goblins, 4-6 Wall Breakers, 4-6 Giants, and a handful of Archers if you want.

Farming at 1150 Trophies

  • Always check to see how many resources are available to loot -- this is the first thing you look for when trying to find a Match.
  • The second thing to look at is the base defense. In this case, if you look at the Green circle around his Storage buildings, you’ll notice how they’re empty.
  • The final thing to look at is where his Collectors are. Notice the Blue Squares around each Collector. These are level 11 Collectors that are completely exposed and unprotected.
  • Don’t drop all of your Goblins in one place. It would be a feast for the splash damage defenses and traps. Instead, try to drop them in small groups, near the resource structures.
  • This is the perfect Farm.

Note : When you farm you can get 20% (regardless of the bonus the town hall) of your opponent's resources reserves (with a max of 198k) and 50% of his resources collectors. So focus on his resources collectors first.