FAQ known issues Hay Day


How do I feed my animals? 
Tap the animal that is hungry, this will bring up the options menu; from here you select the feed bag and drag it to the animal’s pen. When you run out of feedbags you have to produce more feed using a feed mill.

FAQ known issues Hay Day
Why have I lost diamonds? 
Generally speaking you do not lose diamonds, but it is quite easy to accidently use your diamonds without noticing by selecting crops and speeding them up.
How do I get vouchers? 
Vouchers are obtainable via the wheel of fortune, boat deliveries, special truck deliveries and randomly appearing mystery boxes.

Where do I find expansions for barns, land and silos?
This depends on what level you are at. Expansions and upgrades become available through general game play including trading, harvesting crops, collecting goods from machines, making food, feeding animals, buying them in the newspaper, mystery boxes or from your neighbour’s roadside shops.

How can I get gift cards?
By doing good turns for your neighbours, helping them fill boat orders and by reviving trees. Your neighbours are then given the opportunity to send you a gift card.

How many gift cards can I earn in a day?
Unfortunately you are only able to earn 5 gift vouchers a day. This quota resets daily.
I have run out of money! How can I earn some more?
You can earn money by filling truck orders, selling items, filling character orders and sometimes level ups can come with bonus coins. You can also earn money by inviting friends and helping your neighbours with tasks.
Help! My farm is overrun with dead trees and bushes!
You can clear these using axes and saws. To ensure that you do not have too many dead trees only keep a limited number of trees of each crop, harvest as soon as they are ready and replace when they start to wilt.
What tools should I get first? 
You start the game with a scythe but upgrading your tools allows you to carry out further tasks with higher yields.

Why do some people get additional bonuses and some don’t?
At different times the creators and programmers of Hay Day roll out different features, sometimes just to be tested a sample group of players.
What is the deal with the balloon?
The balloon is a random bonus that can sometimes come up if you hire Tom. He may turn up asking to be hired at a discount with a red balloon in his hand. When you pop the balloon you will find that it contains some valuable mystery items.

What is the friends and followers bar for? 
It displays people that you may interact with in the game, people you are already neighbours with and people who have yet to become your neighbours.

Where have my friends gone?
Sometimes the game takes a lot longer to load features such as the friends and followers bar, that uses data from Facebook and the game server to generate the list.

How can I help my friend’s farms?
You can clear dead trees and bushes, and help them fill difficult orders. There may be trading opportunities as well that could be mutually beneficial.
Can I delete truck orders?
Yes you can! If you do not want to or cannot fill an order you can delete it by selecting the rubbish bin on the order billboard.

What is the maximum storage capacity for the barn and silo?
The maximum storage capacity for the barn and silo on your farm is 10,000. But you should never store more than 999 of any one type of crop as reports indicate that this may cause the game to crash.

How do I stop Hay Day from crashing?
There are many reasons that an app such as Hay Day could crash. In many cases it can be a simple matter of having too many processes going on your device. Try closing back your background apps, and restarting your device before reopening the Hay Day applications. If this does not work consider contacting the developer or looking for a solution on Hay Day fan forums.