Clan war FAQ clash of clans


Clan War FAQ

What happens to my War Loot if I leave my clan before the end of the war?
Your War Loot will be delivered to your Clan Castle.

Can I still participate in the Clan War if I leave the current clan?
Yes you can still participate, but you have to rejoin that clan first.

Can I donate troops to my own War Base?
No you cannot.

Will troops donated to War Base give XP or count towards Friend in Need achievement?
No they will not.

Does matchmaking count in all clan members or only those who will participate the war?
Only those who will participate in the war are counted in when each participating member’s attack and defense strength is compared to nent clan’s members.

If I close the matching screen would it stop the matching process?
No. The matching process with run on the background. It will still run even when you turn off your game.

Can I still get a war bonus for getting 1 star on a village that has been attacked and defeated by my clan mates?
Yes you can still get the war bonus but your star will not count toward your clan total or toward War Hero achievement.