Builder's Hut clash of clans


The Builder’s Hut deserves some special attention since it’s the foundation of building your base. Each Hut gives you one builder, increasing the number of structures you can build/upgrade. By the end of the tutorial, you’ll have 2 Builder’s Huts with another 3 available to buy with Gems*

*If you’re planning on being a hardcore player, you should spend your Gems to get your additional 3 builders as fast as possible.

Tip: When first starting the game you're given a Tutorial on speeding up your builds with Gems. We recommend that you just wait for the build to finish on its own to save those Gems clash of clans for later use!

Builder's Hut clash of clans
Buying Gems

  • The quickest way to get your additional Builder’s Huts is to buy the necessary Gems. The following ways to purchase Gems would be the best way to get all 3 Builder’s Huts.
  • The 3rd Builder costs 500 Gems. You won’t have enough Gems on you to make the purchase. You can, however, complete an Achievement called “Sweet Victory” that gives you 450 Gems, which would is a majority of what it takes to get your 3rd Builder. The Sweet Victory Achievement requires you to reach a 1250 Trophies from attacking in Multiplayer.
  • If you choose not to complete the achievement, you’ll want to purchase Gems in the Shop / Treasure tab. In order to get all 3 additional builders, you’ll need a total of 3,500 Gems. You probably have around 200+ Gems still if you have been saving them.
  • Taking all of this into consideration, the cost required to cover building the remaining 3 Builder’s Hut would be $30. This requires you to purchase the “Bag of Gems” and the “Sack of Gems”.
  • If you want to just make one purchase, you could buy the “Box of Gems” for $50. The advantage from doing it this way is you would have an additional 3,000 Gems that you could use to speed up your builds.

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