Basic Unit Overview Clash of clans


There are 10 basic units types you can choose from when you first start playing. Later on you’ll have access advanced units like Dark Elixir Troops and Heroes. Every unit has their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, units have a preferred target. It’s imperative that you understand how each unit attacks and what their behaviour is.

Barbarian – Cheap to build with decent health points and attack damage.

  • Favorite target: Any (closest)
  • Good versus: Single target defenses
  • Bad versus: Splash damage defenses

Basic Unit Overview

Archer – Medium cost with medium health points. Have the advantage of range when attacking. A very good support unit for Barbarians and Giants. Favorite target: Any (closest)

Goblin – Best unit for farming resources. Excellent against resources mines and storage where they do 2x damage. Cheap to build with very fast movement, but easily killed. Best used with diversion units. Favorite target: Resource buildings

Giant – Lots of health points, slow to move, and target defensive units. Great when used as a great diversion when attacking. Favorite target: Defenses
Wall Breaker – Very low hit points and does the most damage to walls. Excellent unit to use to break into bases. A must in every attack. Favorite target: Walls

Balloon – Low hit points but can’t be immune to attacks by ground units. High damage to defenses, but slow to build and move. Favorite target: Defenses

Wizard – Low hit points with great damage and range. Very slow unit to train. Favorite target : Any (closest)

Healer – A flying unit with medium hit points and fast healing of your ground troops. Great support unit.

Dragon – High amount of hit point with high dps, but slow to build with a very high cost. Favorite target: Any

P.E.K.K.A. – High hit points with high dps and high cost. Very slow to train (45 mins per). Favorite target: Any

Units Unique AI

  • Barbarians attack closest target regardless the target (units, resources, defenses, walls, buildings etc.)
  • Archers attack closest target regardless the target (units, resources, defenses, walls, buildings etc.)
  • Goblins attack closest Resource building and do double damage to these buildings.
  • Giants attack closest Defensive structure (i.e., Cannon, Archer Tower, and Mortar). There is no priority order in attack of the defensive structures but if a structure is not too far and not protected (available path), Giants will attack it despite of a structure closer but protected by walls.
  • Wall Breakers suicide at the nearest wall which is blocking your troop’s path.
  • Balloons target nearest Defensive structure.
  • Wizards attack nearest building/defensive structure.
  • Healers heal the nearest damaged unit in attack mode.
  • Dragons target nearest unit/building/defensive structure.
  • PEKKAs attack nearest unit/building/defensive structure.
  • Minions attack nearest unit/building/defensive structure.
  • Hog Riders attack nearest defensive unit(from the Clan Castle) or defensive structures (except walls because they jump over).
  • Valkyries attack nearest unit/building/defensive.
  • Barbarian King attacks nearest building.
  • Archer Queen attacks nearest unit/building/defensive structure.

Note: All units, with the exception of Wall Breakers, will ignore walls unless they don’t have an available path nearly.