Basic Base Defense Clash of clans


Base defense starts with two things; your walls and your buildings. These two things prevent the enemy from being able to spawn their troops too close to your base. When you move any building in the game, you’ll notice a white border around your base. This white border indicates an invisible aura where your enemy cannot spawn. You should always check to make sure you don’t have any open spawn points inside your base in Clash of clans.

Basic Base Defense

You should completely surround your base initially with your walls. If you don’t complete the wall around your base, the enemy can march right in!

Note: don’t include debris on the map like Rocks or Trees as being a part of your wall or defense, as enemy units can walk right around them. Instead, use buildings outside your walls to push back the potential spawning locations of your enemy. Doing this also gives your defensive units (towers, cannons, mortars, etc.) more time to eliminate your enemy.

Other Things to Consider when Planning your Defenses

Enemy Archers can easily shoot over your walls and kill your defenses, so use buildings to keep them from spawning too close. This gives you the vital time necessary for your defenses to work.

Overlap your defensive units so they cover each other. When your Towers/Cannons are being attacked, make sure you have other Defensive units that can protect your other towers.

Don’t spread your defenses out too far – do concentrate your defenses close so they protect each other.

Don’t try to put everything inside your base. The important things to keep inside your base are your defensive structures and resource storages. If you try to fit everything in your base, you’ll spread your defenses too thin. Don’t worry about losing not as important buildings during attacks as they get rebuilt after the battle.

The level of your Town Hall determines how many Wall pieces you can build.

  • Town Hall Level 2 – 25 Wall Pieces
  • Town Hall Level 3 – 50 Wall Pieces
  • Town Hall Level 4 – 75 Wall Pieces
  • Town Hall Level 5 – 100 Wall Pieces
  • Town Hall Level 6 – 125 Wall Pieces
  • Town Hall Level 7 – 175 Wall Pieces
  • Town Hall Level 8 – 225 Wall Pieces
  • Town Hall Level 9 – 250 Wall Pieces
  • Town Hall Level 10 – 275 Wall Pieces

The “Beginner’s Defense”

Begin with surrounding your Defensive structures with walls. You want these Defenses to live longer than your Resource Collectors and Storage.

Keep your Resources outside the walls of your base, the enemy will target them first while your Defense attacks them. To avoid losing lots of loot, make sure you collect your resources regularly thus your collectors will be empty.

Always complete your walls. Do not leave any gaps in your Walls.

Regarding the first picture below: this is an “okay” defense. The biggest thing they did right was complete the walls. To make this defense better, I would move the Builder’s Hut, Barracks, Mines, and Collectors outside of the walls.

By moving these 7 buildings outside of the base, you’ll get an added layer of targets to keep the attacker busy. While the attacker is destroying those buildings, your defense can shred the enemy. Additionally, you’ll be able to move your walls inwards, building individual cells to surround each Defensive structure adding more protection to your defense.
This next picture’s basic base defense is pretty decent. An improvement that could be made would move the cannons to the top and the Army Camps to help buffer incoming attack.
Don’t let this happen to you!
About the video: Notice the layer of buildings outside the walls. If the enemy player wants to get to any of the defensive buildings or the Town Hall, he will have to go through the outer structures first. Another thing worth mentioning is that the defenses overlap each other. This way enemy units that try to destroy a tower or a canon, will be under fire from the other defenses.

Mortars are your best Clash of clans defense!

When first building your base, keep your Mortar unit inside your base. Typically a good location is in the center. Mortars have a thing called splash damage. This means they do mass damage to groups of enemies. Splash damage helps you to eliminate groups of enemies quickly while your Towers and Cannons pick off the stragglers. Here’s an example of a Mortar damaging a group of attackers:

What should I put outside my base?

You can keep the following units outside of your base; Builders Hut, Army Camps, Spell Factory, Barracks, Laboratory and resource collectors.

Avoid Getting Three Starred?

When people destroy all of your buildings they get a 100% destruction percentage which gives them three stars. Some people try to avoid this by placing a Builder’s hut in the corners of the map. They’re reason for doing this is that they intend for the attacker to run out of time before they can destroy their entire base.