Base of Shame 1-5 clash of clans

A couple of general tips:

  • Never use the edges of the map as a wall. Troops can be spawned there.
  • If there is a gap in your wall, troops can simply be spawned near it and march right in.
  • If you’re in the early levels and you don’t have enough walls, put them around your defenses and then put the buildings you want protected around them.

Base of Shame #1

Base of Shame 1

Laying out your walls without connecting them is pointless; troops simply walk right in.

Base of Shame #2

Base of Shame 2

Placing your resources inside the weakest walls does you no good. A better defense would to be to place resources around the stronger walled base. In this pic, the defensive towers are out of range and cannot protect the resources. This would be an incredibly easy base to loot with little to no damage to yourself.

Base of Shame #3

Base of Shame 3

The first thing wrong in this picture is they’re trying to protect too many buildings. All the attacker has to do is break through one wall to have access to the entire base. Additionally, the Mortar is too close to the edge which opens it up to Archers that can pick easily take it out. Always keep your Mortar in the center of your base.

Oh, and here is the biggest problem: there are TWO SPAWN POINTS within the base!

Base of Shame #4

Base of Shame 4

The first problem here is a spawn point within the walls, making the walls useless. The second problem is there are spotted walls; every other wall has been upgraded. This serves no purpose because Wall Breakers will go for the weakest point in the wall, opening access for the attacker to the inner base.

What they should do: combine all his highest level walls next to each other in order create a single wall of defense and eliminate inner spawn points.

Base of Shame #5

Base of Shame 5

Do we really need to even talk about this base? Apparently we do because people are building these types of bases over and over again. That’s why we’ve put together the Base of Shame chapters.

Final words: always complete your walls and never leave an opening. If you can only surround one building with walls, do it.