Advanced defense base design clash of clans


Understanding the reasons why people attack you in the first place will help you build advanced defense base. People attack you in order to gain resources and increase their Trophy count. When you choose to attack someone you have the option to skip to a new Target. By making your base unattractive, it can deter people from wanting to attack you.

Minimize your chances of being attacked by:

  • Separating your Mines and Elixir Collectors. If a user wants just gold, it’s a good idea to spread them out. Don’t make it easy for them by putting Elixir Collectors and Mines in separate, straight lines. Mix them up and force the attacker’s units to run around as much as possible.
  • Making your base look difficult to infiltrate helps deter attacks.
  • Use double walls, compartmentalize your base into sections. Make it hard to get to your resources.
  • Upgrading your walls to the highest levels every chance you get.

Poor base design
This target has no Walls. Don’t be this person! Always check to see if you have holes in the interior of your base where the enemy can drop their troops. Never use the edge of the map as part of your defense. The edge of the map is available to your attacker.
Advanced defense base

Better Base Design
Advanced defense base design
This user should move the barracks down in order increase the spacing of the attackers drop zone. Doing this would be a better base defense. It is also necessary to protect the Mortar, which is too close to the walls and could easily be picked off by Archers. The Mortar could also be switched with the small Elixir Storage in the middle for better protection and range efficiency.

This is a good beginner base since you’re limited on how many walls you can build, however, this design becomes quickly outdated once you start to get attacked by Giants and Wall Breakers.

Slightly Better Base Design
Advanced defense base clash of clans
This design could be called the pocketed base. It keeps the Town Hall in the center, surrounded by defense. It has a better design against Giants because it slows them down.

Even Better Base Design
The nice thing about this defense is you will have to break through two walls no matter what direction you come from.

The Cell Design

A funneling base help you to maximize your Mortars and their splash damage. Funneling leaves an opening in your defenses, giving an easy path into your base that is well protected. As you can see, the attacker has to go through a Giant Bomb, 4 Spring Traps and 3 Bomb Traps into 2 Mortars and 2 Wizard Towers.

More Defenses Tips

When upgrading your defenses, avoid upgrading more than one of them at a time. When a defensive unit is upgrading, it’s inactive during attacks.


Keep your non resource and defense buildings outside of your base close to the walls. This allows for your defense structures to pick off your enemy. The point of putting your buildings outside of your base is to slow the enemy down. Your enemy will be busy destroying your outer buildings before moving into your base.


Upgrade your walls in the order they get attacked. Typically you would upgrade your outer walls first, then upgrade your inner walls. Upgrade walls that are defending your defenses first. These are the walls that Giants will first target.


Use traps in the most likely place the enemy will funnel into. Placing traps too close together is usually a waste. Instead, spread them out into key areas, typically near defensive structures. If you place traps near resource buildings, chances are Goblins will trigger them, effectively making them useless.

  • Bombs – these deal splash damage so put them in places where hordes of units are most likely to pass.
  • Spring Traps – the best trap against tough units. Put these close to your defenses. If enemy troops are walking together (as Giants often do) the spring trap could get rid of many of them.

Even More Defense Tricks and Tips

  • Spring traps can damage troops from your Clan, so be aware of their placement.
  • Visiting other player’s bases will let you know what strategy they are using. You can “visit” them in Chat. Find users with a similar Trophy score to see how they’re building their bases.
  • Always try to request troops from your clan to keep your Clan Castle full.
  • Put your Clan Castle deep inside your base. This way your clan troops will start attacking when the enemy gets close to your important structures.
  • Goblins can trigger traps without being harmed. If you’re having trouble with them, use bombs next to your resource buildings. This is where the Goblins will stop to attack, giving your traps time to activate.
  • Hiding a building in the corner of the map can help to prevent you from getting three starred. This is often the Builder’s hut as it is the smallest and hardest to notice building.
  • Enemies can’t spawn their troops on decorations, so use them to help keep the enemy away from your defenses.
  • If any of your defensive structures are under construction, depending on your base design, you can move them to the outside of your base (not too far) and under defensive structure protection to attract the attention of the Giants. Since these structures can’t attack during upgrading, they make a good distraction.