14000 Gems Spending Spree


If you’re going to invest in the game and buy gems in Clash of clans, you should consider what would be the best use for them.
What to spend 14000 gems on:
  • Builder’s Hut – this is a must for anyone who’s making transactions. You want to have at least 4 huts in order to build and upgrade more buildings at the same time.
  • Barracks boost – whenever you’re farming, it’s worth having a couple of barracks boosted. This will increase the training speed 4 times, making the time invested more rewarding.
  • Barracks upgrades – if a barracks upgrade is slowing you down or even preventing you from farming, it might be worth skipping the timer. Especially if you don’t have all your barracks maxed.
  • Defensive buildings upgrades – Having a Wizard Tower or a Mortar not protecting your base for a few days can prove quite challenging. In any case, other players are more likely to attack you when your defenses are inactive.
What NOT to spend gems on:
  • Resources – buying huge amounts of resources is quite expensive. Farming will take time, but you won’t have to spend hundreds and thousands of gems. There are way more important things to save for.
  • Skipping timers on less important buildings – spending a huge amount of gems on something insignificant as a Gold Mine or a single Cannon is pointless.
  • Resource collectors boosts – Boosting a Gold Mine or an Elixir Collector costs as much as boosting your Barracks. The only difference is that the Mines and Collectors will have a 2x boost, while the Barracks will train troops 4x faster. With a single attack and some tier 1 units (i.e. BARCH strategy) you can steal the amount of resources your buildings will produce for hours.