100% with queen walk Clash of clans

New section where we will tackle the subject of the Queen Walk, so what is the Queen Walk ? It is a part of strategy that we will fit into in an already existing technique like LaBa (Lava hounds - Balloons) or like GoHo (Golems - Hog riders) in Clash of clans. A strategy which makes a lot speak about her at the moment on the international scene, it gets exceptional results in clan wars if we master it correctly. No need to have heroes level 40 nor maxed troops, you just need to be organized and methodical to manage well to master this strategy of attack and you will impress your clan mates by stringing 3 stars attacks !
I will present you the progress of the strategy step by step on two villages Town Hall 9 with two different compositions. Configuration of Town hall 9 army: 220 units + 30 more within the clan castle + 4 basics spells + 1 poison spell:

I - Strategy "Queen Walk GoHo"

The Queen must be used from the start of the attack (red arrow) supported by 4 Healers we chose this area as the first step of the attack requires the destruction of a maximum of defensive structures, in this corner of the base they are many nearby the walls and we must keep in mind the Queen must be the closest to the Clan castle to help us and support us during the second part of the attack (red arc). The Queen always attacks the building closest to her, she is going to eliminate those with red crosses if of course we make so that she stays in the axis which we planned for her, therefore it may be necessary to use Wizards or Minions to destroy some buildings which could make her make change direction.
In the second part of the attack we will deploy two golems (the second is in the Clan castle), one on each Archer tower, they will tank gving us enought time to deploy some Wizards (small green lines) in order to clear a path for the Barbarian king who must enter into the core of the enemy base. For this we will of course use some Wall breakers to destroy a first layer of walls and use a jump spell (the green circle) to open up access to compartments. Once in the center we'll support with a rage spell and a poison spell to take out the troops of the enemy clan castle, the goal is always to destroy a maximum of buildings and to disable heroes.
In the last part of the attack, we will involve our Hog riders, 3-4 by defensive structure, we only have 18 Hogs so use them sparingly. Ideally, before starting deploying them in the north of the base, it is the defensive buildings are still focused on the Golems and our troops from the previous step, thus Hogs can work serenely and may survive longer. In the western part of the base, we can no longer benefit from our Golems, so we will use 1 or 2 Giants to create a diversion so that our Hogs could arrive on the latest structures without too much damage. At last it will remain to deploy wisely both Healing spells (the two largest purple circles) because we suspect that the Giants bombs are positioned at these locations since the sites are largely sufficient to contain them!

II - Strategy "Queen Walk LaBa"
Here the first step will consist in taking down the troops from the enemy Clan castle (CC), to do this we'll just drop two Balloons on the Cannon in the south of the base, they will reach the Archer tower and lure the troops of the CC. It is a second attack on this village, so the attacker was aware of the presence of a Witch in the Clan castle, so he will be able to directly eliminate her with a poison spell, if there was had a Lava hound or a Dragon, he would have managed it in a different way.
The second part of the attack will be similar to the first example, we will deploy our Queen and 4 Healers near to the small red cross on the right so that she will start her cleaning job and be targeted by the surrounding defensive structures. At the same time we drop one or two Wizards close to the Laboratory to avoid the Queen goes in the opposite direction, the goal is that she sneaks into the open space between walls (red arrow) to destroy the enemy Queen archer (essential step) and at least one Air defense and a Air sweeper, the rest being the bonus.
The third and last part of the attack consists in spreading our Lava hounds (3+1 in the Clan castle) and our Balloons (16 ), we do not use Minions because Lava hounds are going to generate numerous Lava pups during their death. Just like a golem, the Lava hound has to be the target of a maximum of defensive structures to protect at best our Balloons, so we are going to send them one by one to different directions, one in the North of the base, one on the West, one in the Southwest and one in the Southeast, they will be attracted by Air defenses but will primarily capture the attention of other defenses. Of course we do not send them all at the same time, every time we drop one, we deploy also 2 or 3 Balloons on every defense being nearby (small blue lines), it will quickly be necessary to support with rage spells and haste spells so that they'll reach as quickly as possible the center of the base and so will destroy the remaining Air defenses. We shall keep our Barbarian King for the end of the attack in case of lack of time to destroy the last buildings of the map!
I hope you enjoyed this new episode
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